25 May 2016

Fig Scents by Rouge Bunny Rouge

I'm a big fan of Philosykos and fig fragrances in general. I love to wear them in summer. Recently, I purchased the Fragrance Sampling Set from Rouge Bunny Rouge and there are two fig scents in there. Lilt and Incantation.

Normally, fig scents are connected with the Mediterranean. It makes perfect sense, because that is where figs grow. But when I smell a fig perfume, it evokes something a little bit different. What I see in my mind is a meadow in a forest. It's a warm summer evening slowly turning into a moonlit night. There is dancing, singing and you know it means that an amazing adventure, perhaps even love, awaits you. It reminds me a lot of this painting by Kinuko Y. Craft, which is also the cover for Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier.

By Kinuko Y. Craft


Lilt opens as a very green and bitter fig scent. Somewhere far away you can sniff a little bit of peach and coconut, but the leafy bitterness is dominant, which I actually love about this perfume. During the first hour you can sniff a bit of musk and vetiver as well, but for me they aren't that obvious. They don't play the main role, they support the main character, the fig.
After an hour or so it slowly turns into a milky sweet green fig perfume. And it's absolutely lovely. Lilt is a wonderful fig fragrance that last at least for five hours, which is a lot. I know some wonderful fig perfumes which disappear after the first hour. Lilt is a real gem. I have already ordered a full bottle. :)


Incantation is a sweet milky fig fragrance right from the beginning. There is a slight hint of lemons or some kind of citrus, but it's only a quick whisper. What is more dominant and what I can sniff quite easily through the sweet greenness of the fig is blackcurrant. After two hours it turns into a slightly sweet woody scent. It's definitely a very well composed green woody perfume, but I prefer Lilt just because it's more figgy. :)

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