16 January 2013

Baby Balm by Badger

Okay, so this Baby Balm by Badger might not be your typical aromatherapy product, nor is it its primary purpose. But for me its smell plays very important role. And there is nothing complicated about it, but it's just a perfect combination of herbs for me. Chamomile and calendula, can there be anything better? Well, maybe lavender. :)

Calendula is definitely dominant here, chamomile is only in the background. And I swear once I open this adorable tin, it takes me a lot of time to close it again! Because I keep smelling it! It's so simple, but there is so much calmness and safety in it. It reminds me of the careless days from my childhood. I can see why it's for babies.

The balm itself is very rich and buttery. It nourishes the skin so well! I would recommend to use it before you go to bed rather than in the morning, as it leaves a little bit of a residue. Oh, and did I mention the wonderful smell? :)
I think it will suit anyone who wants a great body moisturizer that smells divine! Also, it's organic and cruelty free. ;)

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