29 December 2012

Moss & Ivy by For Strange Women

Notes: rosewood, bergamot, oakmoss, cedarwood, basil, rosemary, lavender, petitgrain, mandarin, clary sage.

I love For Strange Women for several reasons. All products seem to be created with love and passion, all the packaging is eco-friendly, and everything is alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free. And most importantly, so far everything I've tried was of a great quality. Moss & Ivy is probably my favourite FSW product, at least for now.

For me basil is really dominant here, and it is the one that smells a lot like (star) anise, which I love! Then I get a bit of rosemary and lavender. Later I can also smell oakmoss and sage. After 20 minutes or so the perfume becomes slightly woody, but it's still very green. I think its name is very accurate. With this I feel like I'm in a small meadow hidden in the woods, lying on the soft moss, and watching  dryads dancing nearby to the sweet music of Pan's pipes. And yes, dryads are the ones who would love and wear this perfume. :)
Overall, Moss & Ivy is a very green, earthy, sweet herbal perfume that's a bit woody. I love it!

A Hamadryad by John William Waterhouse 

The sillage is minimal, but it is an oil based perfume, so it's to be expected. For me it's a scent I wear at home when I want to feel comfortable and cosy. I like to apply it when I read a book, or before going to bed. I also love to layer Moss & Ivy with my other For Strange Women oil perfumes.
If you want to try any of the For Strange Women perfumes, I recommend to look at the Perfume Navigation.

20 December 2012

Nuit de Tubéreuse by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Nuit de Tubéreuse
A glorious exploration of floral sensuality.

With Nuit de Tubéreuse, L’Artisan Parfumeur and Bertrand Duchaufour have created a modern tuberose, a feminine woody scent glorifying every facet of this sensual flower. A sparkling pink pepper top is enhanced with clove and mandarin. The tuberose heart is softened by rose and ylang-ylang with mango for freshness and harmony. All this beauty floats on a base of precious woods, layered with aromatic musks and balms. Nuit de Tubéreuse is the scent of luminous Parisian nights, narcotic and unexpected, romantic and compulsive. An incandescent exploration of one of the world’s most luxurious blooms.

spices, tuberose, woods

The first word that came to my mind when I smelled this EDP for the first time was sharp. And even now I still think that this scent is above all, sharp. It's probably the pink pepper that turns this perfume into a wild ride. It's indeed unexpected and narcotic.
It starts as a spicy floral sharpness. It's bold and daring. Yes, definitely romantic.
Slowly it softens and I can smell some woods. It becomes musky, and at times almost powdery, but it still remains a fresh (white) floral scent.
Only a little bit will do and it lasts forever! I have to be in the mood for this one, as it's quite unusual. 
Also, this is supposed to be a feminine scent, but I feel like there is something masculine about it as well. And I like that.
The bottle is absolutely breathtaking! Luxurious and sturdy.
All in all, I can't say this is my favourite perfume, but it's definitely intriguing and I like it.

19 December 2012


Hello everyone! :)

I've always loved smelling things (books, streets after rain, freshly cut grass...), and a few years ago I discovered the beauty of artisan perfumery. I'm by no means an expert, I haven't attended any course (yet) and I don't create my own perfumes (yet?). But I'm an enthusiast, and scents have now become even more important part of my life.

I'd love to share with you my experience with different perfumes, but also with anything where the scent plays an important role, e.g. candles or aromatherapy products.
Starting this blog might be a great way to explore the wonderful world of scents, and to learn. And there is so much to explore and to learn. I have no idea where this might take me, but I'm hoping for some place that smells nice.