25 May 2016

Fig Scents by Rouge Bunny Rouge

I'm a big fan of Philosykos and fig fragrances in general. I love to wear them in summer. Recently, I purchased the Fragrance Sampling Set from Rouge Bunny Rouge and there are two fig scents in there. Lilt and Incantation.

Normally, fig scents are connected with the Mediterranean. It makes perfect sense, because that is where figs grow. But when I smell a fig perfume, it evokes something a little bit different. What I see in my mind is a meadow in a forest. It's a warm summer evening slowly turning into a moonlit night. There is dancing, singing and you know it means that an amazing adventure, perhaps even love, awaits you. It reminds me a lot of this painting by Kinuko Y. Craft, which is also the cover for Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier.

By Kinuko Y. Craft


Lilt opens as a very green and bitter fig scent. Somewhere far away you can sniff a little bit of peach and coconut, but the leafy bitterness is dominant, which I actually love about this perfume. During the first hour you can sniff a bit of musk and vetiver as well, but for me they aren't that obvious. They don't play the main role, they support the main character, the fig.
After an hour or so it slowly turns into a milky sweet green fig perfume. And it's absolutely lovely. Lilt is a wonderful fig fragrance that last at least for five hours, which is a lot. I know some wonderful fig perfumes which disappear after the first hour. Lilt is a real gem. I have already ordered a full bottle. :)


Incantation is a sweet milky fig fragrance right from the beginning. There is a slight hint of lemons or some kind of citrus, but it's only a quick whisper. What is more dominant and what I can sniff quite easily through the sweet greenness of the fig is blackcurrant. After two hours it turns into a slightly sweet woody scent. It's definitely a very well composed green woody perfume, but I prefer Lilt just because it's more figgy. :)

23 February 2013

Scents of Forest

I love green, woody scents, and I love Etsy! You would be surprised (or maybe not) how many wonderful perfumes you can find there. I just created a list of green scents I've found there. There are many more to be discovered, but these seem to be a good place to start. I already own two of them (Ancient Oak and Moss and Ivy), and I hope I'll be able to try them all eventually. 
You can click on the picture, it will take you to the Etsy list I created. 

And here are the descriptions of the perfumes as their creators described them:

Ancient Oak (Gypsy Alchemy)

"A mystic green yet powdery sweet scent that captures the magical and mythical element of the ancient oak. A blend made with oak moss and balsam Peru resin, vanilla absolute, infused with fig fruit extract, real figs, green tea leaves and vanilla beans."

Moss and Ivy (For Strange Women)

"Moss and Ivy has a deep green, earthy base with sweet herb garden top notes that will send you on a sensory hike through the woods. This artisan blend of plant essences creates a natural connection to the peace and energy of the forest.
A heavy blanket of oakmoss is surrounded with thirteen other plant essences to create a landscape of new growth, leaves, and dew in an early spring forest setting."

My review.

Oak Forest

"Dense woodland scent - wild violets, oak leaves, and green moss."

Ancient Forest (The Mindful Mushroom) 

"Take a stroll through this ancient forest. You will be enveloped by a mysterious and haunting blend of wild-crafted deodar cedar root oil from India, birch and spruce trees, creeping vines, Spanish moss and winter berries."

Wood Nymph (Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary)

"Wood Nymphs are regarded as divine spirits who animate nature! This beautiful blend of Cedarwood and Juniper is topped off with Lovely jasmine! This is the very Essence of the Deep Dark Forest!"


"A client came to me looking for magic. As many do. She explained her recent dream of being a druidess in the woods - enchanted, dark, mystical. Her vision permeated her senses, conjuring scents of citrus, lavender, and forest trees. The woodland realm. I created this essence in honor of her vision, of the deep wisdom her druidess self was bringing forth from dreamstate. The fragrance is layered, complex, subtle and yet strong. Embedded in its amber glow are notes of fir, cypress, wild orchid, blood orange, and Provence lavender. Like a Druidess herself, its meaning eludes you, escapes your grasp. But if this scent is for you, I trust you'll know it."

Woodland Dweller 

"This perfume oil represents everything that Woodland Dwellers love. It's the intoxicating aroma of mother earth, pine trees, and crushed pine cones. Mix in the scent of fir balsam, cedarwood, and a splash of bergamot. This is a woody forest fragrance like no other." 

Wild Ivy and Moss

"Moss on forest rocks, wild turning ivy branches, rich earthy woods and resins, damp grass and fallen leaves. Our Greenest scent yet that is soon to become our first favorite! If you love green scents this is absolutely for you!"

Sour Bark 

"Sour Bark is an all natural botanical perfume that captivates with a unique blend of essential oils. The rich, woodsy notes of vetiver are complimented by the fanciful mixture of rosewood and grapefruit. The hint of spice from tea tree balances out this deeply intoxicating scent."  

Forest Walk 

"Inspired by mossy knolls and lichen filled rocks, blackberries + tea, pine-cones + deep woods. It's a scent that when worn, reminds you of him , snuggled up in his shirt, next to him walking through the woods ....and her, when she wore your shirt and it smelled like the two of you you didn't wash it for weeks!"

Enchanted Forest (Spa Goddess)

"Fresh, Green, Alive. Imagine stepping into the most magically enchanted forest...  It smells heavenly fresh--woodsy, earthy and very green. You can feel the life & energy of the stately evergreen trees enveloping you with their magic, sharing their life."

Merlin's Forest 

"Opens with green cedar spice mellowed by sultry powdered amber. Wild briar rose entwined with zesty bergamot makes a grand first impression. As you stroll through the mystical pine-free forest, you gradually become enveloped in a mellow oriental mist."



1 February 2013

Déjà Le Printemps by Oriza L. Legrand

Déjà Le Printemps

A promenade in Nature, awakening after a long winter sleep. Beads of morning dew glisten on clovers and wild grass, which exhale fresh and green scents. The sun rises on the horizon and beats down wet flowers and new born fig leaves. Fresh foliage scrunches under the wind, buds bloom at last and the soil smells of turf and twisted roots. Daisies in the prairie and lily of the valley blossoming on moss fill the air with the perfumes of nature’s revival. At last spring has come.

Top Notes: Mint, Orange Blossom and Daisy.

Heart Notes: Fig Leaves, Clover, Grass Cutting, Lily of the Valley and Galbanum.

Base Notes: Musk, Vetiver, Cedar and Moss.

I have to admit I pay as much attention to these descriptions of perfumes as to the notes. This got my attention immediately! Probably because I'm in a phase of my life when I really enjoy green scents, and I love Nature. All the perfumes from this house sound and smell great, but I'm so glad I decided to buy this one, as I fell in love with it after the first sniff. :)

The opening is very green and very fresh. I can smell grass, (fig) leaves, and clover. I don't get much of mint. And I get no lily of the valley at all, but I really don't mind. It's probably somewhere there with the orange blossom making sure this green scent isn't too green or sharp. But it doesn't smell flowery or sweet at all.

I can get all the base notes when I try to smell them out, but I prefer to perceive them all together, because to me they smell almost like pine nuts. The base notes become more vivid after some time.

This perfume is indeed like a walk through the countryside that's awakening after a long winter. It's very green, almost herbal, slightly woody, and actually quite subtle, yet very powerful. I adore it.

PS: It's supposed to be a fragrance for women, but I think this is very unisex.

16 January 2013

Baby Balm by Badger

Okay, so this Baby Balm by Badger might not be your typical aromatherapy product, nor is it its primary purpose. But for me its smell plays very important role. And there is nothing complicated about it, but it's just a perfect combination of herbs for me. Chamomile and calendula, can there be anything better? Well, maybe lavender. :)

Calendula is definitely dominant here, chamomile is only in the background. And I swear once I open this adorable tin, it takes me a lot of time to close it again! Because I keep smelling it! It's so simple, but there is so much calmness and safety in it. It reminds me of the careless days from my childhood. I can see why it's for babies.

The balm itself is very rich and buttery. It nourishes the skin so well! I would recommend to use it before you go to bed rather than in the morning, as it leaves a little bit of a residue. Oh, and did I mention the wonderful smell? :)
I think it will suit anyone who wants a great body moisturizer that smells divine! Also, it's organic and cruelty free. ;)